Thank You Coffee

Thank You Coffee is a ministry of Northreach Baptist Church. Our goal is to bring hope and encouragement to all the places we visit within the city of Townsville by giving away free coffee.

Our Vision is “5k Giveaway" - to give away 5000 free coffees in 2023.

To enable this to occur, Thank You Coffee operates exclusively on a “pay-it-forward” finance model, allowing individuals and organisations to also say thank you to someone else for their contribution in society by a purchasing coffee for them.

When will you see the Thank You Coffee Cart?

You will see us all over Townsville at different schools, correctional centers, community services, and emergency services. We believe in the opportunity to bring hope and joy through a free cup of coffee.

To make an enquiry or a booking email us

We'd love to hear from you! Feel free to send an electronic mail our way anytime.

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